The Gardens

Along a great stone wall, the vegetable and herb Gardens form a changing tapestry of color, texture, and fragrance.  Delight in the fragrance and soft beauty of the Herb Garden's green, gray, purple, and white blend of foliage and flowers. The rose covered walkway in the herb and vegetable garden is a beautiful centerpiece providing symmetry and structure amid a wide assortment of textures and fragrances. You may spot the fragrant green leaves of basil or the spiky flowers of lavender plants, and wandering nasturtiums, whose edible flowers are a beautiful addition to a summer salad. It’s all here, wrapped up in a delightful package.


Symmetrical beds feature seasonally changing palettes of color and texture. Naturalistic in style, the flower Gardens include creative combinations of perennials, annuals, ground covers, small trees, and shrubs. Peonies, hydrangea, and Roses guarantee a color show throughout the seasons.

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Brook Farm Vineyards

4203 Twenty Mile Stream Road

Proctorsville, VT 05153